Artist Spotlight - 4Him
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America's Premier Male Vocal Group - 4Him!

They've been charting musical territory for almost a decade. They've had twenty #1 singles. They're the proud recipients of six Dove awards and one Grammy nomination. Eight albums, three videos, and one book later, they're embarking on a tour with Nikki Leonti, Russ Taff, Wayne Watson, and Truth. They're the one and only 4Him.

From the beginning, 4Him has redefined the sound of contemporary Christian music. Andy Chrisman comments about the group's ever-evolving sound. "We said, 'This is what we want, this is where we want to go,' and it really turned out that way. I think we were able to be very creative and go down some new musical avenues, but at the same time, I don't think we're going to alienate the people who like what we do." 4Him's unique sound and message stem from the fact that they write many of their own songs. Mark Harris wrote ten of the eleven songs on "The Message." "Some of the things I write I know as a singer I could not perform well, but I know Andy or Marty or Kirk could, and so I'm able to write it in that way," Mark says. "One of the beneficial things about living with these guys for so long is that when we're working on a song, we can go a lot of different directions, and it will still land where it needs to land."

The men of 4Him are very much like brothers. Like any family, each member has a specific duty. Mark is the creative writer. Kirk Sullivan is both the clown and the serious one of the group. Marty is the survivor after a severe bout with a very rare form of arthritis. Andy is the perfectionist.

Of course, it's not all hard work. Each member took a minute to share his favorite "funniest incident on stage" memory.

ANDY: "The night my microphone became unplugged while singing literally two feet in front of Carman and James Robinson."
MARK: "We were introduced and the music started, but the curtain wasn't going up fast enough. We were trying to get out to our mikes, so I started crawling under the curtain. Needless to say, we didn't make it, and on top of that, when it finally was raised, it caught Kirk's keyboard and it fell off the stand. So there we stood, in fron of a laughing audience, looking like we had just been through Spinal Tap II."
KIRK: "After being in the road for 1-1/2 years, one night in Chattanooga we sang an acapella song, starting it a fifth lower than usual. It finally got so low that we had to stop. By that time, we were laughing and the audience was howling,"
MARTY: "Kirk being oblivious to the audience, turns to reprogram his keyboard and completely gives the crowd a long look at his posterior."

The group is currently touring to promote their new album, "Best Ones." It's a compilation of fourteen of their #1 hits. (Read our review!) Be sure to check out their new album and catch them on tour!

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