CCM Artist Spotlight - Rebecca St. James
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Our Favorite Aussie - Rebecca St. James!

You know her music - songs like "Pray," "God," and "You're the Voice." You've got her devotion books. You've been to her high-energy, techno-pop concerts. But who is the real Rebecca St. James?

As you know, Rebecca St. James hails from the great Australia. How did Rebecca end up in the United States? "We moved here in 1991. But by the time we arrived, my dad's job fell through. Mum was expecting my sister, and we were jobless! So Mum and I began cleaning houses while my brothers did yard work and odd jobs. [Eventually,] Dad contacted a Christian artist in Nashville named Eddie DeGarmo, who listened to my demo tape and signed me with Forefront records," Rebecca said in a December 1997 with "Brio" magazine.

Before that, however, opportunity came knocking while she was still in Australia. "I went to a Christian school and was a member of an outreach band. We made a demo tape with one of the teachers. My dad was a Christian concert promoter, and he became good friends with Carman during an Australian tour. Carman heard our demo and asked my dad if I could open for him on ten concerts in Australia. It was a lot of fun!"

Rebecca has five brothers and one sister, and her entire family works as her crew at her concerts. When not on the road, the family shares a nine acre farm outside Nashville. What's their house like? Rebecca took "Brio" magazine's editor Susie Shellenburger on a tour. "She leads us to the office. 'I painted it myself,' she says as I notice a bright yellow wall and a bright green wall surrounding a desk and fax machine with books and CDs and papers. We head downstairs. It's a decorating fantasy come to life. Black and white swirls on a white ceiling. Pool table, Ping-Pong table, fun toys. A giant, movie-sized poster of Rebecca's favorite flick, "While You Were Sleeping," hangs on the wall. And vibrant yellow wooden shutters seen to echo laughter."

Of course, Rebecca St. James considers ministry the most important thing in her life. Besides touring and sharing God's Word, Rebecca is a spokesman for both the True Love Waits program and Compassion International. She encourages all of her fans to work to improve the lives of others.

Rebecca recently celebrated her 21st. birthday, and the future looks bright for this energetic young woman. Before we end this spotlight, here's some of Rebecca's favorite things.

Shampoo: Joico
Toothpaste: Colgate Gel
Dessert: "Cobblers - blackberry or apple - and I also like cheesecake."
Amusement park: "I'm usually singing when I'm in an amusement park, but if not, I love the roller coasters."
Fast food: "Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich and baked potato with butter and bacon."
Drink: Juices and shaved ice.
Place to shop: "I love junktique places. They're so cool. I can actually get stuff for one or two dollars. I recently bought a porch swing for $20. I like finding weird stuff."

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