Artist Spotlight - Amy Grant
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She's the Queen of Pop and CCM - Amy Grant

How many artists can claim that they were offered a recording deal at sixteen? Amy Grant can. "I was grounded for the telephone call that got me the record deal. Brown {Bannister} called my house at 9:45 or 10 p.m., after my alloted telephone time, and my dad got on the phone with a real gruff voice and said, 'It's too late to be having calls in this house.' I was indignant and embarrased that this guy - who I had a crush on - had called up and said something about an album deal, and my dad did that. But I thought it was a joke when he called . . ." Brown Bannister wasn't kidding. With Amy's parents' permission, he produced a demo tape for Amy. While Brown was working in the studio, a young record executive overheard Amy. Chris Christian, Amy's sister's former boyfriend, contacted Stan Moser at Word Records. Stan was immediately impressed with Amy's talent. And as they say, the rest is history.

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