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Who Are You?

Due to some of the visitor feedback I've recieved, I feel that it's necessary for me to explain a little about myself. But if I still haven't answered all your questions, then you may email me below.

Who are you?

I am a great fan and admirer of contemporary Christian music. I have enjoyed CCM since the summer of 1996.

Why did you decide to create a CCM website?

For me, it has never been enough just to enjoy listening to CCM. I've always been interested in the artists, the music, and the people who make it all possible. I noticed that there are really no sites on the Internet about all kinds of contemporary Christian music, so I created The CCM Music Place to fulfill this need.

Do you make any money from The CCM Music Place?

Not a dime. I enjoy just watching people surf my site and learn more about the world of contemporary Christian music. The feedback and enjoyment I recieve from this site is payment enough. (Yes, I know that does sound corny.) Besides, it seems wrong to use a site for Christian ministry to earn a buck.

What do you do with email addresses you recieve?

I only use email addresses to contact you. I do not use ~any~ addresses to spam you. So don't worry. I hate spam too!

Do you work for any contemporary Christian music magazines or labels?

Thanks for the compliments, but I do not work for CCM Magazine, Release Magazine, or any Christian record labels. But if you work for one of these companies, I would enjoy a job . . .

Did you write all of the articles in this site?

Yes, I did. Writing has always been a hobby of mine, and I enjoy writing about contemporary Christian music.

I'd like to use some of your pictures and/or articles. Can I?

You must have my permission first. I'd like to know where my articles will be posted. Also, I recieved permission to use my pictures from other people. It's just common web practice.

I have a question. Can I email you?

Sure. Here you go!

Thanks for taking a minute to read my FAQ's and possibly email me. Now, let's get back to the fun!

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